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Pond A lot of the music we make is retro rock music, so something like the sampling of J Dilla style stuff is a good bridge between the music we listen to and the music weve made without going full trap music, which is a lot of the tuff we've been listening to... Somewhere Psychiatrist home loan between the Beatles and Migos and J Dilla. I had a home loan for doctor Oak Laurel friend who said theres less at stake in Australian music because life is so comfortable there and theres a general lack of suffering. What do you think? Jay: I think that's one of the reasons there is so much good Australian stuff is because we have doctor home loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 the time and space and quality of life. Nick: It can be true, but Australia is like the lack of suffering, you'd think, especially now, it would be impossible to write anything with any substance or meaning. But there's a shitload Australian songwriters, even from a privileged, white, urban, gentrified existence who manage to like pour out a lot of really fucking poignant and emotive and beautiful music. Jay: That's the thing as well. There's people in third world poverty that are happier now than some suicidally depressed first world kid. That kid can't help it, no matter how much they tell themselves how lucky they are, that's not how happiness works. You adjust to what you have.

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